Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Welcome to the Parsippany High School website!

When people ask me to describe Parsippany High School in a word, the word that always immediately pops into my mind is “family.” Like a family we are all individuals, with different interests, talents, skills, and aspirations. But, like a family, we support each other, celebrate each other, and protect each other. Not only is PHS a tremendous place to learn and work, but it is a community of people dedicated to each other and making the experience in our hallways and classrooms the best for one another.

Our teachers and staff are incredible: caring, kind, and working tirelessly to target learning for each individual student. We employ cutting edge teaching approaches, state-of-the art classroom technology, and social-emotional practices to support student learning and growth through their four-year experience at PHS. Our staff is also highly involved in our students’ co- and extracurricular lives, taking on the roles of coaches for our 25 different sports teams and advisors for our more than 50 clubs and activities. They are formal and informal mentors for our students and work with them in all capacities. We work collaboratively with our students’ families to develop citizens that will excel beyond our school and benefit our world as the leaders of tomorrow.

Our students are outstanding: involved, engaged, brilliant, and working each day to make the Parsippany community stronger and more unified. PHS students are leaders, volunteers, athletes, artists, mentors, friends, and stewards of our message. They take their roles as RedHawks seriously and are protective of their school and each other. But, most importantly, they are a joyous group of young adults who dig deep, work hard, and are kind to each other.

I should probably mention... we have a pretty great time too! 

We take pride in the shared ownership of PHS. Our students are empowered to speak up; we meet together regularly to discuss our school and work on ways to improve it for everyone. Our staff and administrators take the lead on collaborating with our students, families, and one another to ensure that all the members of our RedHawk family feel like PHS is their home away from home. We are always learning, growing, and looking to improve… we never “arrive,” we only keep moving forward.

This year especially, we are thrilled and excited to welcome all of our RedHawk family - our staff, students, parents, and community partners- back to PHS with open arms. We will strive to make Parsippany High School a safe and healthy place for everyone. The future is incredibly bright for the RedHawks. I look forward to heading into that future together.

Forever Red and Grey,

Keith R. Bush
Parsippany High School


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