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This is an introductory art course for all grade levels. The class explores a variety of art making processes and media. Students will draw, paint, work on printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. It’s a great class to learn about art and do a ‘little of everything’.

Ceramics I & II

Students will make functional bowls, vases, and boxes as well as creative sculptural pieces, using a variety of techniques. Students will create works of art in clay using hand building methods including pinch, coil and slab and the potter’s wheel (in Ceramics II). Students will create pieces with beautiful colors and surface decorations. This class has a positive and energetic atmosphere which encourages a creative exploration of ceramics.

Drawing I

This is a half-year course that explores all aspects of drawing and illustration. Students will work in a variety of media including pencil, marker, pastels, scratchboard, pen and ink and more. Drawing from life will be emphasized to develop strong drawing skills. An important course for anyone planning to continue with Fine Arts; this fulfills the prerequisite for Computer Graphics I, Painting and Digital Photography. This is a great class to become a better artist or just learn how to draw from life.

Drawing II

This half-year course is a continuation of Drawing I. Students will further enhance their sketching and illustration skills with more complex projects. Students will work with portraits, still life, comic book illustration, figure drawing, graphic novel illustration, perspective and more. This is an intensive course that allows for further exploration of a variety dry media.

Graphic Design

This course introduces students to the world of visual communication. The emphasis of this course is on using various Applications to create original pieces of art, advertising and digital communication. Altering and enhancing photographs, creating digital paintings and creating advertising layouts will all be explored. Students will also be introduced to animation using Flash. This is a great course for students interested in a career in graphic design or advertising.


Spend the entire year exploring all different kinds of painting. Using watercolors, acrylic, oils, pastels and more – you will create landscapes, portraits, still life and abstractions. You will learn about different artists and styles and get to make great pieces for your portfolio for college!


Ever dream of working for Pixar or Dreamworks animation studios? Or do you just want make exciting, motion based projects? Learn how to develop and draw your own characters, background and environments. This class will watch and analyze classic and modern animated movies for inspiration. Students will make flipbooks, stop motion and claymation animations and use other animation tools. Students will develop and build upon 2D and 3D techniques like character motion, body language, and character rigging as they combine artistic skills with technology to make creations come to life. There will be an emphasis on character development and storytelling. Students will learn the fundamentals of powerful software programs like Adobe Flash and Carrara Pro. This class is a great introduction to many forms of motion graphics.


Learn to use a sophisticated digital camera and all of its manual settings. Photograph people, landscapes, still life and action scenes. Test out non-conventional techniques of lighting and photographing. Learn to use Adobe Photoshop to alter or enhance photographs. Create a portfolio of final work.

Advanced Ceramics

Students who wish to explore more advanced techniques in the field of ceramics will have the opportunity to explore complex construction and decoration techniques. Slip casting, sprig mold and press mold making will allow the students to construct and embellish in multiples. Techniques combining handbuilding and wheel throwing will allow students to create complex forms and sculptures. Students will create their own specialized mark making tools to create custom textures and surfaces. Students will find their own artistic voice using clay to realize their personal vision.

AP Studio Art

This is an honors class designed to challenge Junior and Senior advanced art students with complex projects in art that can be solved in a variety of ways while building a portfolio for the AP Studio Art exam.  Often the students are permitted select the medium, size and style of the piece as long as it fulfills the requirements. Critical thinking and analyzing skills are stressed as key elements in the class. This is a weighted course that is quick paced and requires the student to be highly focused on their work. Students are encouraged to keep a sketchbook of ideas and the process of their work.

Honors Art Portfolio

Students intending on applying to Art colleges will need to build a portfolio of strong work to take on interviews and to submit with applications. This class focuses on creating works suitable for a portfolio. A majority of the work is done in pencil, charcoal and other dry media. The drawings are mostly rendered from life, as this is what colleges require. Students will also do research on schools they are interested in applying to and will work to ensure their requirements are fulfilled.  The class to help build a vocabulary used in discussing art regularly critiques projects. The students learn to photograph their work for a digital record.

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