Physical Fitness Testing

Fitnessgram Explanation Letter

TheFirst Marking Period has an emphasis on

PhysicalFitness can be defined as the ability to carry out daily tasks easily andhave enough reserve energytorespond to unexpected demands.   

Testing Schedule:
Students are pre-tested and post-tested during various times throughoutthe year. During marking period 1 the majority of students will bepre-tested in the Mile, 20-meter shuttle run (Pacer Jog), PacedPush-ups and Paced Curl-ups. They repeat these activities during fourthmarking period as an end of the year post-test.

During the second and third marking period students use the Trifitsoftware to pre-test and post-test in the areas of Body composition,Sit & reach for flexibility & Biceps Strength.

At various times throughout the year students also have the opportunityto use individual Heart Rate Monitors to evaluate their cardiovascularactivity levels during class activities. The staff uses this data inconjunction with computer software to track individual student fitnessprogress & generate comprehensive fitness reports that can beanalyzed to determine overall levels of health and fitness for eachstudent. All Heart Rate Monitor equipment will be sanitized betweenclasses using protocols recommended by the manufacturer.

Physical Fitness Includes 5 Basic Components:

Body Composition:
This refers to the percent of fat, lean muscle, bone connectivetissue, water, and so forth in the body. The term percent body fatrefers to the amount of fat in the body in relation to total bodyweight.

This refers to the ability to move a body part through a full range of motion.

Muscular Strength:
This refers to the ability to exert force against resistance.

Muscular Endurance:
This refers to the ability of muscles to keepworking over a period of time without causing fatigue.

Cardio respiratory Endurance:
This refers to the ability of the heart, lungs,and blood vessels to send fuel and oxygen to the body's tissues duringlong periods of vigorous activity.

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