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The 1977 PHS Football Team

The 1977 Football Team is widely regarded as the best football team in PHS history. Coming off a 2-7 season the previous season, expectations were not high for this group. Fortunately, they worked hard and banded together to finish their regular season with an Iron Hills Conference title and a perfect 9-0 record. They won their first state playoff game versus Westfield to advance to the Group 3, Section 2 State Finals at home versus state powerhouse Phillipsburg. In front of the largest crowd in PHS history, they lost a tough game but left their mark on the school and community. They were ranked the 2nd best team in Morris County and were heralded as one of the area’s top defenses. They succeeded under the direction of Head Coach/PHS Hall of Famer Bob Martin, and his Assistant Coaches: PHS alumni/teacher Mike Yesunas, and former PHS Athletic Director Joe Grippaldi. The roster consisted of the following players and coaches: B. Mainardi, S. Pucilowski, S. Kaufman, B. Fulton, B. Freeman, B. Picinich, B. Stivaly, T. Pucilowski, M. Caruso, S. Russo, J. Spagnola, K. Connell, R. diPierro, B. Dalrymple, H. Horowitz, T. Pine, J. Molinare, T. Gonzales, R. Scrivani, R. Aber, S. Rurini, N. Stone, T. Blazier, B. Knott, J. DiGiacinto, T. Pescherine, J. Miele, R. Krush, V. Mini, S. Simonetti, G. Lepre, S. Miczak, M. Hopkins, M. Brady, K. O’Connell, A. Paradise, E. Weinstein, F. Paradise, C. Pizzi, B. Matthias M. Plath, K. Miele, E. McGarry, M. Pignatelli, T. Behrle, T. Santangelo, P. DelGazio, D. Tubby, F. Bolcar, P. Fahy, J. Burke, J. Schkolnick, M. Thompson, B. Snedberg, Coach Grippaldi, Coach Yesunas, Coach Radice, Coach Martin

Joe Bernabe (Teacher)
Joe Bernabe served as the PHS Band Director for thirty-one years (1977-2008), instilling a love of music in thousands of students and inspiring dozens to pursue careers as professional musicians or music teachers. As Band Director, he prepared and conducted over 150 concerts with his students. He also served as coach of the Golf Team for many years. In his retirement, he has managed to keep in touch with PHS, attending every concert and Hall of Fame ceremony and continuing to mentor and assist the music department in any way that he can including the school's 60th Anniversary. Mr. Bernabe was beloved by his students and colleagues for his talents, passion and his never-ending sense of humor. 

LeRoy William Collins, Jr. (’78)
Roy graduated from PHS with academic honors as a member of the National Honor Society, earned 7 Varsity Letters and held leadership positions in several after school activities, including INTERACT, Institute for Political and Legal Education (IPLE), and Student Council, and contributed to the Daily Record's publication of "None Outsings Parsippany", a history of Parsippany-Troy Hills.  Upon graduation, he reported to the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, where he earned a BS degree in Ocean Engineering and was commissioned an Ensign.  During his ten-year Coast Guard career, he received several personal and unit awards; at the age of 24, was one of the youngest sea service officers to assume command afloat; and was selected to serve as a military Aide to Presidents Reagan and Bush.  He subsequently transitioned to private industry where he has assumed executive leadership positions in the defense/aerospace industry, pioneered the delivery of internet services via satellite, and earned an MBA.  He currently serves as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Senior Advisor contributing to the agency's space-based environmental monitoring mission (i.e. weather) by managing satellite acquisition programs, international partnerships, and science-based climatic research.  Roy is an international cycling enthusiast who has competed in numerous endurance cycling events, such as the Race Across America (RAAM), where he and his team hold the world record for the Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD (3010 miles) race in under 5.5 days, has served as the US Naval Academy's cycling team Head Coach for the past 9 years, earning 6 ACC Division 1 Conference Champion and National Championship Titles, and mentors his Nationally ranked son (or is mentored by him).  He, his wife Kim, and son, Ryan, currently reside in Annapolis, MD.

Fei-Fei Li (’95)
When Fei-Fei Li moved to New Jersey from China when she was 16 years old, and she couldn’t speak a word of English. However, despite this disadvantage, and through an incredible amount of diligence, she graduated sixth in her class gained acceptance to Princeton University where she received a BA in Physics. She then earned her MS and her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. Fei-Fei has had a successful career teaching at the college level: Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in both the Psychology and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments; Assistant Professor at Princeton University in the Psychology and Computer Science Departments; and Assistant Professor and, currently as an Associate Professor at Stanford University in the Computer Science Department. Fei-Fei’s accomplishments are astounding. She is currently the Director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL), and she is one of the Directors for the SAIL OutReach Summer Program, designed to reach out to rising 10th grade girls and expose them to the world of Artificial Intelligence (Al). Fei-Fei also leads the partnership between Stanford and Toyota, along with MIT, where the focus of the partnership is on Al – assisted driving. She is also the Director for the Stanford Vision Lab, which explores issues in computer and human vision. In March of 2015, Fei-Fei gave a TED talk describing the way we teach computers to understand pictures as humans do; this video has been viewed over 1.7 million times. She was recently named one of our country’s 2016 Great Immigrants by the Carnegie Corporation, and she was interviewed by CNN about her life story. Fei-Fei has given dozens of keynote speeches, talks and seminars around the world. She has been the Chair, Co-Chair, or organizer of more than two dozen committees and workshops. She has co-authored more than a hundred papers, journals and book chapters in addition to numerous.

Bob Sabella (Teacher)
Bob Sabella was a Mathematics teacher in the Parsippany Troy Hills School District for 31 years; he taught at Parsippany High School for 23 of those years serving as Lead Teacher of the Math Department for all of them. An accomplished teacher and leader in the District, Bob held numerous positions and won numerous awards over the years, including the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2001, Vice President of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Education Association, Co-Director of the Iron Hills Conference Math League; chairing the Parsippany High School Middle States Steering Committee in 1989-1990. Bob was also a published writer, with numerous articles in the New Jersey Mathematics Teacher, Who Shaped Science Fiction and co-edited Nanking 1937: Memory and Healing. But where Bob really stood out was in his love and advocacy for his students. Despite the fact that his standards and expectations for his students were extremely high (his students’ AP scores can attest to that), he was beloved by the students he taught and/or mentored. A long-time advisor to the Indian Cultural Club and the Asian American Club (in addition to the Math Team, of course), he celebrated the diversity that is the student body of PHS.



The PHS Hall of Fame recognizes and honors PHS graduates and staff members who have distinguished themselves during their careers in their fields of work or service. Recognition will be given but not limited to accomplishment in the fields of:

Music School Services
Fine Arts Medicine
Business Journalism
Politics Athletics
Education Science
Armed Forces Community Service


Who is Eligible?

The person being nominated must have graduated from PHS at least ten years ago. In the case of a staff member, the nominee must have been a member of the professional staff (including non-teacher,  coaches and activity advisors), who has retired or left the employ of Parsippany High School at least three years ago.

The person being nominated DOES NOT have to be a college graduate.

Posthumous nominations WILL BE accepted.

As many as ten nominees may be inducted in any given year.


How Will Inductees Be Recognized?

Nominees selected for induction into the PHS Hall of Fame will be honored at an annual ceremony held in the spring. Each inductee will receive an engraved memento and will be recognized on a perpetual plaque in the main hall of Parsippany High School.


Who Can Nominate?

Nominations may be submitted by any Parsippany High School graduate, or by a relative, friend, or co-worker of the person being nominated.


What are the Criteria For Admission to the Hall of Fame?

The committee evaluates each nominee on three criteria:

1. Recognized excellence in one's field/profession.

2. Service and dedication to PHS.

3. Contributions to professional/civic organizations and/or publications, presentation, recognition.


How Do I Nominate Someone?

Simply print and complete the nomination form. Be sure to include all requested information. Reasons for nomination and written description may be submitted on separate sheets of paper (not to exceed three sheets and must be stapled to the nomination form).


Where Do I Send My Nomination Form?

Parsippany High School Hall of Fame
Dr. Denis Mulroony, Principal
309 Baldwin Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054


Current Hall of Fame Members

Geroge P. Johnson - Deceased 1999 School Service
LTC Mark T. Little 1999 Humanitarianism
Annette Delaney Ricciuti 1999 Athletics
Roy Baker 1999 Athletics/Law Enforcement
Jack Mott - Deceased 1999 Coaching
George W. Wesner 1999 Music/Entertainment
Garrett E. Reisman 2000 Astronaut
Lisa Codella Pesci 2000 Athletics/Philanthropy
Robert Martin 2001 Athletics/Administration/Coaching
Dolores Femister 2002 Secretary/School Services
Anthony R. Scatton, Jr. - Deceased 2002 Teaching/ Administration
Michael Codella 2002 Athletics/Philanthropy
Philip H. Meeham 2002 Coaching/Teaching/ Administration
Gary Vittorio 2002 Coaching/Student Activities
Dave Guida 2003 Community Service
John Karolchyk 2003 Education/Teaching
Christina Ladas 2003 Teaching/Community Service
Doris McManus - Deceased 2003 School Services/Administration
Francine "Micky" Walsh 2003 Teaching/Coach
Bruce Biddison 2004 Education/Administration
Randy Frankel 2004 Philanthropy/Community Service/Business
James Vigilante 2004 Community Service/Armed Forces/Politics
Jack Prudden 2005 Education/Athletics
Suzanne Rubenstein 2005 Armed Forces
Violet Schicke 2005 School Services/ Community Service
Harold Gantert 2006 School Services/ Community Service
David Shaffer 2006 School Services/ Community Service
The 1986 PHS State Championship Softball Team 2007 Athletics
Harold Feintuch 2008 Community Service
Victor Labbote, MD 2008 Athletics
Roy Helmdinger 2009  
Ron Foreso 2014 Teaching/Community Service
Robert Peluso 2014 Community Service
Dragan “Dan” Ilic 2014 Community Service
Michael Pignatell 2014 Athletics/Law Enforcement
Jerry Russo 2014 Teaching/Coaching
1965 Baseball Team 2015 Athletics
Cavan Londergan
Jane Puccio
2015 Teaching
Jay Redan M.D.
1999 Boys Basketball
2016 Athletics
Clarence Curry III
Ann Greiner
2016 Teaching
Nancy Russo Petryna
Dr. Jon Molinare
1977 Football Team
2017 Athletics
Joe Bernabe
2017 Teaching
LeRoy Williams Collins Jr.
Fei-Fei Li
Robert Sabella
2017 Teaching/Mathematics
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