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1974 PHS Football Team
Ready for some controversy? Despite finishing with an impressive 7-2 record, the 1974 Football Team has often finished second in the rankings among PHS all-time best. However, according to Mr. Ron Foreso, retired PHS teacher and “Voice of the Redskins” for 30+ years, the ‘74 team was the best the school has ever seen. Under the leadership of Head Coach Robert Martin, they started off their season with a 19-0 victory over Whippany Park and a 39-8 win over Boonton and continued to roll with dominant victories throughout the season.  The only two blemishes on their record were heartbreaking losses to West Essex by a score of 7-6 and Livingston 16-13, both of whom finished the year ranked top five in the state.  The team was led offensively by Brian Gleason, who was a touchdown machine, and the brute force of Herb Mayo, Danny Smith, Rocky Zito, Mark Benton, Kevin Boccardi, Vinny DeFlippo, George Fanning, Gene Kuber, Mario Passfiume, Tom DiGiacinto. 

Coaches: Head Coach: Robert Martin, Joe Grippaldi, Ronald Radice, Charles Motola, Gary Ruccia

Roster: Virgil Gatto, Mike Ryan, Gene Kuber, George Fanning, Brian Gleason, Mark Benton, Rocky Zito, Vinnie DePhilippo, Tony Suppa, John Brady, Woody Carrigan, Gary Payerl, Kevin Amen, Scott Russell, John Scholz, Kim Connell, Mark Deckert, Mario Passafiume, Herb Mayor, Bill Reilly, Terry Hoffman, Dan Smith, Tom DiGiacinto, Scott Hansen, Kevin Poccardi, Bill Powell, Joe Pulitano, Bill Smith, Bob Krusch, Frank Kish, Bob Goldberg, Tom Parr, Tony Genoble, John Waters, Tom Ryann, Frank Ambrose, Tony DelGazio, Brian Hoffman, John Lukasiewicz, Barry Schkolnick, Frank Arminio, Dominic Spano, Rich Hull, Stu Saposnik, Steve Mancuso, Kevin Furini, Tom Weber, Tony Bell, Marty Picinich, Tom Schoonmaker, Chuck Kluk, Bob Monica, Angelo DeGiacinto, Bob Cregg, Bill Orefice, George Cicero

Jason Hallik (‘89)
It isn’t every day that CNN calls you the “bravest man in NYC.” Unless your name is Jason Hallik. Jason, a NYPD Bomb Squad Detective, has been recognized multiple times for removing, disarming and dismantling bombs and explosive devices around New York City.  Jason has repeatedly put his life on the line to protect the people of New York City and keep them safe. "You train, you do your job. We help people - we protect people. It felt good." - Detective Hallik on being able to protect New Yorkers from the bomb exploding. 

Erika Plosa (‘85)
Erika Plosa was a standout softball and basketball player during her time at Par High. Following high school, she attended the U.S. Air Force Academy, making her the first (and only?) female PHS alum to attend a military academy. During her service as a pilot in the Air Force, Erika flew KC-135 refueling tankers and other aircraft in the Persian Gulf and around the world. She retired from the Air Force with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Malvin Sumka (Teacher)
Malvin Sumka, a WWII veteran, wore a lot of hats during his time as an educator in Parsippany. He was a Math and Computer teacher at PHS from 1960-1979, advised multiple clubs, and was eventually named Director of Vocational Education and then Director of Data Processing for the district. Malvin was a talented and motivated educator, with an aptitude for technology and the ambition of introducing computers to the district. The first computer, PLADEMAC (Parsippany’s Logical And Digital Electro-Mechanical Computer), took him and his students two years to build, took up half a classroom and cost $10,000 in supplies. He followed that up by creating and teaching courses in programming, punch carding, etc… As an administrator, Malvin evaluated staff, wrote curriculum, created the work-study program that continues today and continued to enhance our technological programs and resources. Upon his retirement, Malvin formed his own company, Cyberphile Group, which he used to teach computer seminars to adults, and served as an adjunct professor for multiple colleges. 

Chris Walas (‘71)
Chris Walas, nominated by his classmate Ron Ribnik, was involved in myriad activities while a student at PHS, all of which showcased his creativity and talent. He wrote for the school literary magazine, Totem; co-wrote the Junior Class play and was co-chairman of the Senior Christmas Committee; was a member of the Middle States Evaluation Committee; and was Vice President of Student Council his senior year.  Chris was even selected to play the role of “Gitchie Manito,” the PHS mascot during that time period.  Chris always had an interest and fascination with movies and special effects, and shortly after graduation he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. It wasn’t long before Chris’s abilities were recognized and he became a legend in the business.  His list of film credits and creations are iconic: he created the gremlins in the movie Gremlins; he was part of the team that created the melting Nazi head in Raiders of the Lost Ark; and his work can be seen in the films Enemy Mine, Return of the Jedi, Dragon Slayer, Airplane! and Scanners.  In 1986, Chris was presented the ACADEMY AWARD for the make-up and special effects in the movie The Fly. He later went on to direct The Fly II and the television show Tales From the Crypt.


The PHS Hall of Fame recognizes and honors PHS graduates and staff members who have distinguished themselves during their careers in their fields of work or service. Recognition will be given but not limited to accomplishment in the fields of:

Music Fine Arts
Business Politics
Education Armed Forces
School Services Medicine
Journalism Athletics
Community Service Science


Who is Eligible?

The person being nominated must have graduated from PHS at least ten years ago. In the case of a staff member, the nominee must have been a member of the professional staff (including non-teacher,  coaches and activity advisors), who has retired or left the employ of Parsippany High School at least three years ago.

The person being nominated DOES NOT have to be a college graduate.

Posthumous nominations WILL BE accepted.

As many as ten nominees may be inducted in any given year.


How Will Inductees Be Recognized?

Nominees selected for induction into the PHS Hall of Fame will be honored at an annual ceremony held in the spring. Each inductee will receive an engraved memento and will be recognized on a perpetual plaque in the main hall of Parsippany High School.


Who Can Nominate?

Nominations may be submitted by any Parsippany High School graduate, or by a relative, friend, or co-worker of the person being nominated.


What are the Criteria For Admission to the Hall of Fame?

The committee evaluates each nominee on three criteria:

1. Recognized excellence in one's field/profession.

2. Service and dedication to PHS.

3. Contributions to professional/civic organizations and/or publications, presentation, recognition.


How Do I Nominate Someone?

Simply print and complete the nomination form. Be sure to include all requested information. Reasons for nomination and written description may be submitted on separate sheets of paper (not to exceed three sheets and must be stapled to the nomination form).


Where Do I Send My Nomination Form?

Parsippany High School Hall of Fame
c/o Dr. Denis Mulroony, Principal
309 Baldwin Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054


Current Hall of Fame Members

Geroge P. Johnson - Deceased 1999 School Service
LTC Mark T. Little 1999 Humanitarianism
Annette Delaney Ricciuti 1999 Athletics
Roy Baker 1999 Athletics/Law Enforcement
Jack Mott - Deceased 1999 Coaching
George W. Wesner 1999 Music/Entertainment
Garrett E. Reisman 2000 Astronaut
Lisa Codella Pesci 2000 Athletics/Philanthropy
Robert Martin 2001 Athletics/Administration/Coaching
Dolores Femister 2002 Secretary/School Services
Anthony R. Scatton, Jr. - Deceased 2002 Teaching/ Administration
Michael Codella 2002 Athletics/Philanthropy
Philip H. Meeham 2002 Coaching/Teaching/ Administration
Gary Vittorio 2002 Coaching/Student Activities
Dave Guida 2003 Community Service
John Karolchyk 2003 Education/Teaching
Christina Ladas 2003 Teaching/Community Service
Doris McManus - Deceased 2003 School Services/Administration
Francine "Micky" Walsh 2003 Teaching/Coach
Bruce Biddison 2004 Education/Administration
Randy Frankel 2004 Philanthropy/Community Service/Business
James Vigilante 2004 Community Service/Armed Forces/Politics
Jack Prudden 2005 Education/Athletics
Suzanne Rubenstein 2005 Armed Forces
Violet Schicke 2005 School Services/ Community Service
Harold Gantert 2006 School Services/ Community Service
David Shaffer 2006 School Services/ Community Service
The 1986 PHS State Championship Softball Team 2007 Athletics
Harold Feintuch 2008 Community Service
Victor Labbote, MD 2008 Athletics
Roy Helmdinger 2009  
Ron Foreso 2014 Teaching/Community Service
Robert Peluso 2014 Community Service
Dragan “Dan” Ilic 2014 Community Service
Michael Pignatell 2014 Athletics/Law Enforcement
Jerry Russo 2014 Teaching/Coaching
1965 Baseball Team 2015 Athletics
Cavan Londergan
Jane Puccio
2015 Teaching
Jay Redan M.D.
1999 Boys Basketball
2016 Athletics
Clarence Curry III
Ann Greiner
2016 Teaching
Nancy Russo Petryna
Dr. Jon Molinare
1977 Football Team
2017 Athletics
Joe Bernabe
2017 Teaching
LeRoy Williams Collins Jr.
Fei-Fei Li
Robert Sabella
2017 Teaching/Mathematics
Andrew Ladas 2018 
Michael Yesunas 2018 Teaching/Coaching
1974 PHS Football Team
2019 Athletics
Jason Hallik
Erika Plosa
Malvin Sumka
Chris Walas
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